Cross era, when plural became multiple, there is CROXERA.

We are determined to make the user experience
Create new possibilities

After hundred year history of motorcycle industry, motorcycles have already got excellent performance, dedicated style and fancy equipment. Now we are entering a new era of environment protection and safety issues as well.

However, the riding experience does not have big difference for so many years: To use portable device dangerously when driving; To look around carelessly in order to see the road name…even to hit the brake because you realized there was a road speed limitation sign.

After the launch of CROXERA project, here comes the brand new riding experience.

The History of CROXERA Project


2015 Study & Investigation

Initiated integrated smart dashboard developing project.

2016 Research started

Completed the 1st generation hardware layout and design. Increasing the stability by using separated computing. Worked with KOE, the subsidiary of JDI Company to promote display performance.

2017 Resource integration

After two times of big modification, we decided to use Gen. 3rd as public version. With Here Maps we realized Turn-by-turn navigation function.
Equipped speed limit warning and speed limit camera warning function and the test was completed.

2018 Official launch

Official launch CROXERA smart dashboard system at CES.Received attention and reports from hundreds of media, and became the first choice among motorcycle users. The first scooter equipped with this system will be launched in the middle of this year.

2018 Implantation on motorcycle field

CROXERA smartdashboard is equipped on AEON ES150R for first time implantation.

Riding, is no longer point to point transportation.

The Croxera Smartdashboard equipped with navigation function, it will increase the willing to use a motorcycle.
No mater it is for commute, traveling or date, it would be much more efficiency. Furthermore there will be safer due to speed limit warning and accident detection.

The very first dashboard that uses separated computing with dynamic interface, navigation and speed limitation warning function, launched officially at CES 2018.





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