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– Carl Sagan, Cosmologist

1. Install and open CROXERA® APP, login following the instruction on screen.
2. Enable the connection function on mobile device and connect according instruction on screen. Choose the vehicle to be paired on list.
3. Smartdashboard interface will show “request for pairing” on pairing subject vehicle, press MODE (YES) or ADJ (NO) to confirm if pair. If you don’t press any button in 5 seconds, it will be defined as ADJ (NO) setting.
4. When the smartdashboard is under pairing, a password will be shown on the screen. You have to enter this password on APP and press confirm. Once the APP connecting symbol is turned to always on, it means the pairing is success.
If you forget the password, you can follow these steps to reset it:
1. Select “forget password” at login screen in CROXERA® App.
2. After entering email address, you will receive an email for resetting your password. Click the link and reset it.

If you forget your account, please dial service number. Service office will assist you.
CROXERA® APP does not guarantee to be used or downloaded with all the mobile devices. You may check the minimum system requirement on the official website or download page. The current requirement is following:
• iOS:10.0
• Android:6.0

Not able to use:
CROXERA® APP function might be updated according to versions, function upgrade and differs from different vehicles. Please make sure you’re using the most updated version.
If the “LED environment warning” option is active in APP setting, it will enable the LED environment warning function (default setting is active). The color is not allowed to be adjusted for safety reason, because the environment LED will change its color according to actual speed, means over speeding reminding and speed camera detecting function.
Warning symbol of speed limit:
It shows the current road speed and reminds you’re over speeding, please slow down for your safety.
According to the vehicle speed, the halo around the digits changes.
When 0-40 km/h (0-25 mph): white halo;
When 40-60 km/h (25-36 mph): blue halo;
When over 60 km/h (36 mph): red halo. The LED rim would be the same color as the halo is.
Standby sleep mode:
If this lamp is on, it means your vehicle is in sleep mode for saving the battery.
- When the key is on but engine is not started for three minutes, the screen will be off and the sleep mode lamp will be on.
- Once the engine is on, smartdashboard will be wakened.
DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes):
When there is abnormality on your vehicle, the DTC symbol will be on. Please proceed to a dealer as soon as possible.
APP connecting lamp: it shows the connection status of CROXERA® APP with smartdashboard.
APP connecting lamp is on: it means CROXERA® APP is connected.
APP connecting lamp is blinking: it means the smartdashboard is available for connecting.
APP connecting lamp is off: it means smartdashboard connection is off or disconnected.

What does the blue symbol mean on smartdashboard?
In following circumstance the APP will be disconnected: when connecting a diagnosis system to the vehicle, the APP connection must be turned off. Press 5 times the MODE button on the smartdashboard to turn off the connection.
For safety reason, the smartdashboard does not have phone pick up and control function.

For details please refer to page 18 in smartdashboard user’s manual.
If you purchase an Aeon Motor vehicles equipped with smartdashboad and there is a defect, then our company will give following warranty according to warranty policy.
1. Warranty range:
a. Object: limited to CROXERA® smartdashboard.
b. Period: Within 2 (two) years after registration date, or mileage 30,000 km (first come first served).
c. Content: the smartdashboard has to be used in proper way according to user’s manual. If there is defect due to quality of parts or manufacture process, upon the decision of Aeon Motor, the smartdashboard will be replaced with a new one. The replaced smartdashboard will be retrieved by Aeon Motor.

2. Approval of warranty: for applying warranty, please bring the registration document and warranty booklet to original dealer. We cannot accept warranty request if without these documents.

For warranty detail, please see page 2 to 4 in smartdashboard user’s manual.
Warranty active:
1. Since a dealer handle over the vehicle to the customer or customer purchase the dashboard, and fill in necessary documents to be stamped by dealers, the warranty is active.
2. Please keep this user’s manual. It cannot be reissued if lost.
Warranty is not accepted in case of following conditions:
1. The customer did not use the smartdashboard properly according to government regulation or user’s manual.
2. The customer did not follow the pre-check instruction.
3. Not authorized modification or extension.
Inherit or warranty:
1. If purchase a vehicle which is still in warranty period, after transferring please bring the warranty booklet (inside the user’s manual), registration latter and vehicle to Aeon Motor service center or authorized dealers to make necessary inspection (fee needed). After recording and stamping by the service center, the warranty period can be remains, otherwise it become invalid. The inherit warranty time will be calculated together before transfer, and it is limited according to Point 2, Article 1 in warranty booklet.
2. If the vehicle is sold to a dealer, the warranty cannot be succeed.
This warranty is applicable for Aeon Motor vehicles in Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu Islands.
Time will be adjusted automatically when it is connected to a mobile device.

If need to adjust manually, please see page 12 of smartdashboard user’s manual.
1. smartdashboard and CROXERA® APP via your cellphone has to be paired for only once, unless you un-pair them.
2. CROXERA® smartdashboard can only pair with one mobile device every time. If you want to change to another mobile device, please refer to “Re-pairing smartdashboard”.

Reminding: CROXERA® APP will use your cellphone data for internet service which might cause extra data transmission fee.
When you would like to re-pair but Bluetooth icon is disappeared, please press MODE button twice. It will ask if you would like to re-pair with mobile device, select MODE (YES) or ADJ (NO) for next step. If no any action in 5 seconds, it will be defined as ADJ (NO).
The possible reasons of unable to connect would be:
“Bluetooth on the mobile device is not active ” or “your smartdashboard is disconnected to the mobile device”. Please follow below instruction and retry.
- Make sure the Bluetooth on active on your mobile device.
- Make sure you haven’t disconnected the smartdashboard on your mobile device.
- Makes use there is no obstacle between mobile device and smartdashboard, for instance walls or electric devices.
- Please make sure you have the latest CROXERA® APP on your mobile device.
- Make sure your smartdashboard is inside the connecting range of your mobile device (10 m). This distance is variable according to the use environment of mobile device.
- Restart CROXERA® APP on your mobile device.
- During the connecting step, switch off the mobile devices which were connected, to avoid the smartdashboard connecting to other devices.
The scanning result might be limited to the specification compatibility of Bluetooth devices.
1. Scanning speed is slow;
2. Cannot pair successfully.
3. Bluetooth error during connecting phase.
User has to set notification function in mobile devices, authorizing CROXERA® APP to receive such information and send it to smartdashboard.
The Vehicle Locating Function in the app, might possibly have position problems due to the GPS detecting device on your cellphone in not precise or you’re indoor. You may use the photo function to record the parking location or parking lot no. inside Vehicle Locating Function.
CROXERA® smartdashboard system with excellent performance requires to be used properly.
Please follow the instruction below to ensure the longer life of your dashboard:
DO NOT drop any object on it or impact it.
DO NOT place it at extreme temperature or high humidity environment.
Avoid the use it in thunder storm weather.
Stay away from static electricity object or magnetic field.
DO NOT apply any chemical material on it.
DO NOT disassemble, repair or modify it unauthorized.
Regular maintenance and cleaning:
Park the vehicle in dry and cool places to reduce damage from the sunshine and raining.
DO USE wash it with clean water and neutral lotion, and clean the surface with soft cloth and sponge.
Avoid to use pressured water to clean it, in case the water get inside and damage the mechanical parts.

1. DO NOT use any Any organic solvent, strong detergent, acid or alkaline lotion, abrasive, melon cloth, metal brush or sandpaper for cleaning, in case the screen damage.
2. DO NOT use any wax or polish product, or rub it hardly, in case the screen damage.

1. The navigation route this APP provides is for reference only. Users shall decide the actual location in light of conditions.
2. The recommended route, voice guidance and traffic information from this APP are computed by best route, according to the digital map. It is for reference only. Users shall decide routes depend on actual situations.
3. While riding, following the traffic signs and obeying the traffic regulations are the priority concerns.
4. The GPS position is for reference only. The system shall not assure the position and affect rider behavior.
5. The precision of GPS differs depending on weather conditions and locations (tall buildings, tunnels or forests). Most of GPS cannot be used indoors.The signal of GPS cannot penetrate the buildings. The quality of signals depends on the user's device. The system cannot identify different GPS locations caused by different devices.
6. Turn GPS on to use the navigation function. Turning the network on simultaneously can improve the navigation precision.
(If the phone has no signal, the previous data will show until the signal is recovered.)
7. The navigation will not modify direction till start moving. Hence, it is normal that calibrating direction could not work before riding.
8. The navigation is provided for non-commercial use. To the fullest extent under applicable law, AEON MOTOR disclaims all responsibility for any loss arising out of any way related to your use of this system.

CROXERA User clause

The User Clause (hereinafter referred to as “This Clause”) aims at explaining the terms and conditions binding Aeon Motor. Co., Ltd. and the Third Parties (hereinafter referred to as “We” or “us”) in providing related products and services (hereinafter referred to as “This Service” or “service”) to the users of This Service (hereinafter referred to as “the Users”) and the Users of This Service. If you elect to use This Service, it shall be deemed your acceptance of This Clause.
We may amend This Clause at any time so as to comply with the applicable laws or upgrade the service quality for users, or due to any other reasons. We will notify users on the website of any major update of This Clause without prior notice. We strongly advise you to check for the updated version of This Clause at any time. Should you elect to continue to use our service, it shall be deemed that you have accepted and consented to This Clause after amendment.

I. Registration of User ID
1. You must provide true, accurate, and complete information at the time of registration for your User ID with the information on your e-mail in particular. Your e-mail account will be an essential channel for communication, such as the authentication of your registration and reply with the password.
We reserve the right to delete, revoke or pursue any other appropriate management measures of your User ID if you provide untrue information during registration.We may delete a User ID which has been dormant for 1 year or longer since the last date of login without prior notice.
2. In case a User ID is deleted due to your violation of This Clause, the privacy right clause, or any other applicable provision, your right to This Service will be extinguished and your original User ID cannot be recovered for whatever reasons, except under special circumstances.

II. The Content
1. We hereby grant you the right to use This Service. Such right cannot be assigned and transferred and is exclusive with the sole purpose of using This Service.
2. The Service we provide through the linkage to the programs of a third party:
• We will provide others functions as support in This Service via your mobile devices or the programs of a third party, including but not limited to synchronization of time, weather reports, information on shops, information on positioning, message record display, maps and navigation.
• Message record display: We will provide a list consisting of several mobile APPS for your choice. You may choose the update news released by different APPs you chose to display on your smart panel. We will just reflect the messages as shown by your mobile devices on your smart panel through This Service. The format of display of the messages of the APPs on your smart panel will depend on the mode of display of this message in your mobile device. This means that not all the messages shown by your mobile APPs will fully and precisely be displayed on your smart panel.
• Maps and navigation: This APP is a navigation assistance tool developed by Aeon Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Aeon”) and HERE Maps. When you accept this policy, you acknowledge and agree to the following:
1). When you use this service for the first time, you can download and use any of the geographic information provided by us for free.
2). During the use of this APP, it may generate network traffic charges that will be charged by the telecommunication operators according to their standards.
3). Restrictions on the use of the geographic information: After the first legal download of the geographic information used in this APP, you have the right to legally use and update the application within the authorized period for free. We will endeavor to maintain the compatibility of the APP and the map update. However, when it is impossible to support the compatibility of the old and new versions, please update the system version of the mobile device to meet the minimum requirement of the APP.
4). Positioning accuracy of GPS: Differences in positioning of this APP may be caused by weather, location of use, system version of the personal mobile device, hardware device, its location, or other external factors.
5). Some countries or regions may not be able to use offline maps. Please ensure that the network signal is stable when using navigation-related functions.
6). The path, geographical location, and any traffic information presented by this APP are for reference only. Please pay attention and decide the path base on the status of the roads and locations.
7). Aeon are responsible for the update, maintenance and after sales service of this APP. If you have any questions related to this APP, you can directly contact Aeon through their official website or submit your relevant questions through Aeon.
8). Keep the vehicle running while updating the firmware and make sure that the mobile phone is connected to the meter. Also, do not switch battery while the update is in progress to avoid hazards. For your convenience of using This Service, part of its function will be accomplished by linking to or activating the programs of a third party. However, this does not imply Aeon are being controlled by the programs of a third party. Any risk and disputes derived thereof will be the risk and disputes between yourself and the third party, and we thereby disclaim any responsibility. For this reason, we strongly advise you to read the privacy right policy, user clauses and other provisions of the programs of third parties with caution in using such type of functions so that you can fully understand the terms and conditions and the risks inherent to the use of the programs of such third parties.

III. Management
1. To avoid the abusive or fraudulent use of This Service, we reserve the right to manage improperly used User IDs or User IDs registered under phony information, including but not limited to the deletion or revocation of the User ID.
2. We may modify the content, or stop offering the content of This Service in whole or in part without prior notice to the users where we deem necessary.

IV. Important Notice
1. You shall not go beyond the modes specified in This Service or use any other illicit means (including replication, transmission, reprinting, modification, or transmission of any form of virus or malicious program codes) of using This Service.
2. Due to the compatibility between the programs of a third party and the setup or specification of your mobile device, we cannot guarantee the information acquired by every user from This Service is completely correct and can fully use This Service. Issues of system version, specification, network or other external factors may affect individual users and will result in a certain degree of variation of the information displayed in the course of using This Information, and some may even not be able to use This Service at all.
3. The additional consumption of electricity caused by using This Service may vary with the type of mobile device, habits of use, and system specification of the user. You are advised to assess the available power capacity of your mobile device when using This Service.
4. The hourly speed as displayed in This Service may vary with the actual speed due to the moment of the sensor in the transmission of data. Such moment falls within the allowable limit as required by law.
5. Refraction of light may occur to the smart panel to the extent to which the panel screen display may be blurred when reading in certain circumstances.
6. If the temperature of the smart panel is too high, the display may be abnormal and lead to a forced shutdown to lower the temperature; you will still be able to ride your scooter normally under the forced shutdown.
7. The types of motor vehicles suitable for This Service may consume significant volumes of electricity from the battery cell of the vehicles due to the long-time stand-by mode of Bluetooth. You are advised to assess if your vehicle can support the consumption of additional electrical power.

V. Intellectual Property Rights
We reserve the property rights and other rights over This Service including the intellectual property rights and exclusivity over This Service. Unless the law specifies otherwise, you cannot unduly use, modify, replicate, print, display, reproduce, disseminate, publish, disassemble for translation, or engage in reverse engineering of This Service in any part.

VI. Your Responsibility
1. This Service allows for the display of any message, but you have to ensure your compliance with applicable traffic rules and regulations and pay utmost attention to traffic safety, thereby not using your cell phone when riding on a motor vehicle. Any damage and consequence as a direct or indirect result of using This Service irrespective of applicable traffic safety rules and regulations in effect will be your own responsibility.
2. You have to assume responsibility of the actions and consequences related to and deriving from using This Service, including but not limited to, erroneous messages from the programs of a third party, possible infringement of the works shared with a third party, improper expression of opinions, invalid program caused by the incompatibility of the mobile device system.
3. If we discover in our judgment that you have violated This Clause in using This Service, we will take decisive and appropriate actions which may be beyond the scope of This Clause. However, it does not constitute our obligation to proactively prevent or correct any malfeasance in using This Service.
4. In case of damage to us (direct or indirect damage) caused by your using (directly or indirectly) This Service, we have the right to claim for the damage and the compensation thereof.

VII. Disclaimer
1. Under no circumstances have we guaranteed no flaw of This Service under law or in fact (including security, reliability, accuracy, integrity, validity, applicability for specific purpose, security related defects, errors or program errors, and infringement) implicitly or explicitly stated. It is not our obligation to eliminate such flaws before providing This Service.
2. We disclaim any liability to any damage to the users caused by their using This Service unless otherwise specified by law.

VIII. The Collection of Personal Information
1. The collection of personal information:
• The subject of information collection: Aeon
• The purpose of collection: We will collect your personal information for the following purposes, which includes without limitation, marketing; the collection, processing and use of personal information by non-official agencies under law; contractual or non-contractual issues and other legal affairs; consumer and customer management and services; information and data communication services; information and data communication database management; data communication security and management; online shopping and other eCommerce services; auxiliary and supportive service management; advertising or management of commercial behaviors; audiovisual, music and media management; surveys, statistics and research and analysis.
• Types of personal information: We collect your personal information, which includes without limitation to, name, e-mail address, telephone number, and the electromagnetic log generated when using This Service.
• The duration of using personal information: Your personal information will be kept intact as long as your User ID remains valid and active. Or, your personal information will still be retained after the deletion of your User ID on condition that the purpose of collection is justifiable or dictated by law or executive orders, or necessary for the performance of business.
• The territory for using personal information: information will be processed and stored through the cloud services provided by HERE Maps and Google .This server may be located in any country of the world. Your continued use of This Service shall constitute your agreement of transmitting your personal information across national boundaries, and the processing and storing of your personal information in any country beyond the country where you provided your information. You may read the privacy rights policies of HERE Maps and Google to make sure the transmission or data store meet your personal needs.
• The users of personal information: The personal information we collect, which includes the electromagnetic log generated from your using This Service, will be available to us, the competent authority, affiliates and business partners for internal use.
• Your rights: You may view or provide supplementary information to your personal information by using the mobile APPs associated with This Service. You may also request we provide the replication of your personal information, or stop collecting, processing and using your personal information, or the deletion of your personal information. We may refuse your request to the extent of your understanding. You may elect to provide your personal information in whole or in part, but it may hamper your ability to use the functions of This Service in whole or in part.
2. We will post the standards of collecting personal information and other information in our privacy rights policy. You may check for the updated version of our privacy rights policy over on our official website. If you continue to use This Service, it shall be deemed as your acceptance of our privacy rights policy.

IX. Information for contact
Should you have any question or suggestions on This Service or This Clause, you may visit the website or directly contact our technical team, and let us know your suggestions and questions in full detail when you make contact with us.

X. Governing law and legal jurisdiction
This Clause shall be based on Chinese as the standard text and shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China. In the event of dispute deriving from This Service or pertinent to This Service, the parties hereto agree to submit the jurisdiction of the first instance to Tainan District Court of Taiwan for settlement.

Shall you have any question or suggestion, please send an email to customer@aeonmotor.com.tw
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CROXERA Privacy Policy

The privacy rights policy (hereinafter referred to as “This Policy”) aims at explaining how Aeon Motor. Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “We” or “us”) collects, uses, and shares the personal information of the users acquired by us from the application programs and services (hereinafter referred to as “This Service” or “service”). We shall duly observe all applicable laws to the collection of information from the users in due diligence and shall insist on our fundamental principles specified as follows for the collection, use, and sharing of related information of users.
We may amend This Policy at any time so as to comply with the applicable laws or upgrade the service quality for the users, or due to any other reasons. We strongly advise you to check for the updated version of This Policy at any time. Should you elect to continue to use our service, it shall be deemed that you have accepted and consented to This Policy after amendment.

The Information we collected:
I. Information on User IDs
1. If you elect to use the service we provide and register with us to create your User ID, we will request you provide your user name and your e-mail address. Please make sure that the information you provide is completely true, as this is essential for us to manage the registration of your User ID (e.g., to avoid the abusive or fraudulent use of This Service). We may contact you with the information you provided in the registration so as to send you essential information pertinent to This Service.
We reserve the right to manage User IDs created under false information by anyone, including but not limited to the direct deletion or revoking of the user ID. Any untrue information provided will lead to the deletion of the ID, revocation of the ID, the failure to access essential information timely, or any other damage that may be caused. We disclaim any liability thereof.
2. Information automatically collected when using This Service
Once you use the service we provide, we will automatically collect information on the service you use and on the activities in the service through CROXERA (hereinafter referred to as “Device”). We will automatically collect information including:
• the time and date of your using This Service;
• type and information on your device;
• the type and version of your operating system of your mobile device;
• the content of your viewing or service;
• and the data exchange record with date inscribed.
Once you use the service we provide, we will automatically collect the information on the driving habits of users and related information, including but not limited to driving distance, average driving speed and highest driving speed. We will use this information for the analysis of the data on the driving habits of the consumers, and as a reference for market surveys and to upgrade our service quality in the future.
3. We may also use other similar kinds of methods (which will be defined below) to track related information on you to help the Company improve This Service and analyze them as marketing information; the information collected by the following methods will be de-identified.
Report errors:You may voluntarily report errors related to the use of This Service or the device to help us analyze and make improvements to the user experience of This Service.
Data use:We will collect the data related to your use of This Service as the statistics for marketing analysis, such as gender, nationality, speed and riding distance etc.
4. Other information that we may collect
For your best experience in using This Service, we will provide additional functions. If you elect to use these functions, we may require you to provide the following types of information:
• Telephone number [required]:We may use SMS messaging to keep you informed of the kinds of products and activities we provide. This information is optional and will not be disclosed. Do not write down anything if you do not wish to receive information of this kind, or contact us to cancel the notice of this kind of information after filling in the information.
• Gender [required]:You may elect to improve your personal profile by providing additional information. This information is optional for This Service and will not be disclosed.
• Birthday [required]:You may elect to improve your personal profile by providing additional information. This information is optional for This Service and will not be disclosed.
• The telephone number of the contacts in your phonebook [required]:In This Service, we will provide the function of tracking the incoming calls on the smart panel and will show information such as the names and the telephone numbers of the callers based on the information you keep in the phonebook of your mobile device. We will not keep such information but any subsequent incoming calls will be searched and matched with reference to the electromagnetic log and will be displayed.
• Information on mobile APP [required]:In This Service, we will provide a list of optional mobile APPs for your choice. You may choose the latest news from a few mobile APPs to display on your smart panel. We will not keep such information, but just reflect the information as displayed on your mobile device on the smart panel through This Service.
• Information on satellite positioning [not required]:We will provide several functions through This Service (including but not limited to information on nearby shops, navigation and group position sharing etc.), which will require the information of your location and relevant personal information, such as the intermediate point of the route and destination, current location, preference settings of the settings page and the information of the map you use and its relevant licensing information. If you do not wish to provide the information of your position or share such information and relevant personal information, please turn off the GPS function or elect to stop using this type of function.

II. Information available to collection by third party
• We will provide you part of the functions in the service by linking to third party programs. These third parties may collect specific information related to you, your device, and the service you used through This Service.
• We cannot control the means of the third parties in the collection, use, or protection of your information. Accordingly, This Policy is not applicable to any third party and we disclaim any liability thereof. We strongly advise you review the privacy right policies of these third parties and understand their means of collecting, using, or protecting your information.
The following are the third-party programs we are linked to and their privacy rights policies:
Google: cloud storage service for data.
HERE Maps: digital map service for data.
• You may refuse to provide your data to third parties, but you may not be able to use the whole or part of the functions of This Service thereof. We cannot entirely sever This Service with the third parties. The continued use of the service we provide shall be deemed your agreement with the privacy rights policies of the concerned third parties.

III. How we use your information
We will use the information we collect for the following purposes:
• Customer survey
• Analysis of the data on driving habits of users
• Response to our suggestions and questions, and provide customer service
• Provide you our personalized and customized service content
• Protect, investigate and prevent fraudulent, unauthorized and abusive services or any other illegal activities
• Provide you vital information on the products and activities related to us and to This Service
• Link and integrate the information with the information collected by a third party for providing services of better quality
• Duly observe applicable laws and perform the obligation in abiding with the law.

IV. The storage and transmission of your information
Relevant information will be processed and stored through the cloud services provided by HERE Maps and Google, and this server may be located in any country of the world. Your continued use of This Service shall constitute your agreement to transmitting your personal information across national boundaries, and the processing and storing of your personal information in any country beyond the country where you provided your information.
No electronic means of transmission or data storage method is entirely secure. As such, we cannot guarantee 100{}ecurity of your personal information in system transmission or storage, or it being free from attack. You may read the privacy rights policies of HERE Maps and Google to make sure the transmission or data storage meet your personal needs.

V. How long will we keep your information
Your information will be retained as long as your User ID is valid. However, your information will be retained after the deletion of the User ID, or it is revoked:
1. As dictated by law
2. For the detection of inappropriate use or abusive use of This Service
3. As reference for our improvement and update of This Service. This information will not be identifiable after proper treatment.
Except for the aforesaid circumstances, we will delete all of your data.

VI. Children information
This Service is not designed for children. We do not require any personal data of children. If we learn that we have collected any personal data of children, we will delete it. You can also require us to delete it through the options designed in This Service or require us to delete it through the contact information listed in this policy.

VII. Information Security
1. We attach great importance to the security of personal information. Without your consent, we will never provide your personal information to any third party that is not related to This Service.
2. You shall also keep your account number and password confidential and not provide it to anyone.
In order to protect the privacy and security of our members, the security mechanisms we adopt include:
• All API designs and websites are encrypted, ensuring the security of data between users and websites
• Using HTTPS with SSL authentication mechanism for transmission of all data
• Use an Access token authentication mechanism with a fixed life cycle to confirm the applicant's identity
In order to protect your privacy and security, we will do everything to ensure the security and integrity of systems and data operations with reasonable technology and procedures to prevent external attacks and intrusions and safeguard the security of all personal data. If it is necessary to entrust the related departments of the Company to provide services due to business needs, we will also strictly require them to abide by the confidentiality obligations and take the necessary inspection procedures to determine that they will comply.

VIII. Exercise of rights and information for contact
You have the right to require us to access, modify or delete your personal data, limit the processing of your personal data and exercise other similar rights in accordance with the applicable personal information protection act or other similar laws in your current location. Should you have any suggestions or require further information on the pursuit of This Policy, please contact our technical team.
(Free service number: 0800-865666 (Taiwanese area only)

Shall you have any question or suggestion, please send an email to customer@aeonmotor.com.tw
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