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Revolution of riding experience

Now, we bring you to

Turn-by-turn navigation mode

It is the first time for motorcycle industry cooperating with well-known map software company “HERE Maps”. It offers Turn-by-turn display and voice navigation. Maps, destination searching and navigation functions are off-line available.

More intelligence, More safety

Speed limit notice and camera warning Navigation modes can show current speed limit and camera warning, when the driver is going over the speed limit, the dashboard will blink to warn for safety reason.

Secure rider’s safety

Accident detect and reporting system When the system detects that a traffic accident may happen, it will use your cell-phone SMS to send information like location to emergency contact to guard driver’s safety.

Always know your schedule

Mobirise Mobirise

Vehicle Finding System

When you finish parking, Croxera app will record the last location automatically. The app can navigate you back to the vehicle.

Mobirise Mobirise

Calls and calendar notice

Dynamic interface provides incoming calls, missed calls and calendar notification. For safety, it does not provide pick up call or control function.

We are also paying more attention to

Water Resistance

Face to varying weather, we provide good water resistance under normal usage.

Vibration Test

In regards to varying conditions on roads, we did 7G vertical, horizontal and perpendicular (X, Y and Z) vibration test.

Temperature Difference and Sunshine Test

In regards to the temperature difference in the environment, we tested temperature cycle and sunshine simulation.

Display Visibility

IPS TFT 16.7M Colors display High Brightness & Contrast

GUI Design

Easy to read, easy to understand UX is everything.

AR Coating

High quality anti reflection coating for decreasing sunshine impact 





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